"Sublime... A perfect album" - Alan Mercer, celebrity photographer and entertainment blogger, AMProfile.

“Beautiful voice, expressive and sensitive, accompanied by a group with serious professionalism…An excellent album!” - Serge Warin, Radio Grand Brive, Objat, France

New Vintage from swinging blues vocalist Laura Ainsworth incites listeners to grab their favorite cocktail and dim the lights while engulfed in the smooth jazz ether of her music… Ainsworth's versatility in jazz-based repertoires is invigorating as she moves between the classic forms of ragtime, cabaret, blues, jive, and western swing. New Vintage embraces the vintage sounds of classic jazz and gives the genre a modern lift.” Susan Frances – reviewer

“…Laura Ainsworth’s Third Album Sparkles Like Champagne

…When Dallas lounge singer Laura Ainsworth releases an album…you have to sit at home imagining the tinkling of ice cubes in a highball (or, just as legitimately, make a cocktail yourself and create your own ambiance)…

Her voice, a satiny ribbon that seems to flow as an uninterrupted river of downbeats, is rich and distinctive, but it’s her sense of humor that catches you note after note. On a song like ‘Where Did the Magic Go?,’ a listicle enumeration of past jazz greats (her own father, the late big band clarinetist Billy Ainsworth, is one of those mentioned), she certainly flirts and winks with her voice, as if to say, ‘Can you believe those guys?’ Humor — or call it post-modernist awareness of the retro quality of her song choices — draws the listener in like a conspirator. ‘Nothing in this world can replace a man,’ she sings… but you think she might be joking, too. Older lyrics can be universal but also cheesy; she embraces it all. (The title alone shows wit in the paradox of a vintage that is also new… but comprised of older tunes.)

One savvy decision is the selection of a fairly obscure set of standards to tackle here (of the 13 tracks, only three — the lead-off ‘That’s How I Got My Start’ by Frank Loesser, ‘Where Did The Magic Go?’ and a Kern/Gershwin mashup of ‘Long Ago and Far Away” — will be widely familiar). The great advantage of that, of course, is that every song can still surprise you — the lyrics, the licks, the sentiments. New Vintage is an album of reinvention, both feet planted in the present, but forever looking back.”
— Arnold Wayne Jones, Dallas Voice

New Vintage is a collection of mostly vintage songs by Laura Ainsworth, a vocalist who has consistently reached back for songs that are good, but not overdone. Yes, there are several songs that will be immediately familiar, including ‘I’ll Take Romance,’ ‘Nevertheless,’ ‘Long Ago and Far Away’ and ‘You Stepped Out if a Dream.’ You might even have occasionally heard ‘An Occasional Man,’ but not many of you will have heard ‘That’s How I Got My Start,’ a song from the 1940 film Johnny Apollo by Frank Loesser and Victor Schertzinger or ‘Wasting My Love on You,’ a 1930 Harry Warren/Edgar Leslie ditty that was recorded by the likes of Lee Morse and Annette Hanshaw or ‘Nothing Can Replace a Man,’ from the unsuccessful 1955 musical Ankles Away with music by Sammy Fain and lyrics by Nat Shapiro.

Well, give New Vintage a listen, and you will discover these and other delights, including a song, ‘The Man I Love Is Gone,’ with lyrics by Ainsworth and music George Gagliardi, that has a vintage feeling to it.

This is an album that is fun from start to finish, sung with just the right approach by Ainsworth, with support by a hip band led by pianist and arranger Brian Piper.

It is a smile-inducing winner!” - Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz

“When I first reviewed Laura’s 1930’s-style crooning, back in issue #135, it was clear to me that she is able to take you back to those late-night joints with the smoky blue rooms… On (New Vintage)…that impression is even stronger, especially as I listen to her sing tunes like ‘Where Did The Magic Go’ – great piano from Brian Piper on this one, and some wonderful bass by John Adams.

That whole ‘speakeasy thing,’ with old-time heroes like Mickey Spillane and Dick Tracy lurking in the shadows in front of the bandstand, will fill your head as you scope out ‘A Little Jive Is Good For You’…again, Laura’s players (check out the clarinet/sax work from Chris McGuire & the cool brushes/drums by Steve Barnes) are right in the groove behind her.

Of the thirteen songs offered up, it is ‘Long Ago and Far Away/You Stepped Out of a Dream’ that made the playlist for my iPhone – meaning it’s my pick for personal favorite (not too many songs get on that phone playlist).

If you’re a dedicated fan of jazz retro vocal work, you’ll love this one…I give it a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an ‘EQ’ (energy quotient) rating of 4.97 (out of 5.)” - Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews