Laura helped singer/songwriter friend Bill Sanner tell the hilarious and heartwarming story of his years in the US Navy Submarine Corps in this rollicking military memoir. Winner of the 2016 AMG Heritage Award for Best Book.

In this hilarious reverse self-help book, Laura and husband/writing partner Pat Reeder offer valuable life lessons illustrated by hundreds of hilarious stories from their radio service, The Comedy Wire. Foreword by Mike Huckabee.

Laura is a proud member of the Indie Collaborative, an organization of independent artists supporting each other and promoting great indie music in all genres. Click the logo to learn more .

Top Shelf expanded CD released to Japan

Laura Ainsworth’s 2017 best-of album Top Shelf was released on CD September 15, 2021, as a Japanese import with distribution by Ratspack Records. The CD edition features an expanded and revamped track lineup with six extra tracks, including the previously unreleased song “You’d Be Surprised” (an outtake from the Necessary Evil sessions). It also features a warm, vinyl-like remaster courtesy of Grammy-nominated engineer Jessica Thompson, best known for her work on Erroll Garner’s The Complete Concert by the Sea (2015) reissue. The album is a “mini-LP CD” that looks like a miniature version of the 2017 Top Shelf LP, and includes a 16-page booklet with detailed liner notes. This is an excellent “point of entry” for people new to Laura’s music, as well as an opportunity for longtime fans to hear Laura’s music in a new way. The CD is available on Laura’s Bandwear site to international (non-Japanese) purchasers.

『Top Shelf』エクスパンデットCDが日本でリリース

ローラ・エインズワースの2017年のベストアルバム『Top Shelf』が、紙ジャケット・エクスパンデットCDとなって2021年9月15日ラッツパック・レコードより日本で発売になります。CD版は曲順を一新して新たに6曲を追加、また未発表曲「You’d Be Surprised」( 『Necessary Evil』レコーディングセッション時のアウトテイク曲 )を追加。リマスタリングを担当したのは、グラミー賞ノミネート歴があり、エロール・ガーナーの『The Complete Concert by the Sea』リイシュー盤(2015年)の仕事が最も知られているエンジニア、ジェシカ・トンプソン。英語と日本語のライナーノーツ 、全曲歌詞が付いています。 ローラの音楽の入門アルバムとして最適です。


Also released to Japan September 15—This is Vintage Now Vol. 2: Happiness is a Way of Life featuring Laura’s “An Occasional Man”

Laura Ainsworth’s “An Occasional Man” was chosen as Track One on This is Vintage Now Vol. 2: Happiness is a Way of Life, a compilation of authentic “Vintage Music” recorded between 2007 and 2017 that sounds as if it walked right out of the 1950s-60s. Other featured artists include jazz singer Sue Raney, bossa nova singer Talya Ferro (Walter Wanderley Group), and exotica performer Robert Drasnin.

The album was released as a CD insert in the American tiki magazine Exotica Moderne in May 2021. It was an instant success and received ecstatic praise from both fans and industry professionals. The CD edition is already a collectible and demanding high prices on eBay.

This is Vintage Now Vol. 2 is available on MP3 on and on streaming at Spotify and Apple Music (international outside of Japan). The album is being released to Japan September 15 as a limited edition of 100 CD’s signed and numbered by the producer (available as an import on eBay).

ローラの「An Occasional Man」が9/15日本で発売の『This Is Vintage Now Vol.2: Happiness Is A Way Of Life』に収録

 ローラ・エインズワースの曲「An Occasional Man」がヴィンテージ・ミュージック・コンピレーションアルバム『This Is Vintage Now Vol.2: Happiness Is A Way Of Life』の一曲目に収録


このアルバムはアメリカで人気ティキ雑誌「Exotica Moderne」2021年5月号の付録CDとしてリリースされ、ファンの間では「何度も繰り返して聴いている」「渋滞中に聴くと落ち着く」と大好評。日本では9月15日に2バージョンが発売されます。12曲限定盤 CDはプロデューサーの署名とシリアルナンバー入り、ボーナストラック2曲を追加した14曲版はMP3とストリーミングでリリースされます。

ローラ・エインズワース スタジオアルバム日本で発売中

 ローラのスタジオアルバムCDは2020年3月と4月に日本で発売以来好評を得ていますが、このたびMP3版とストリーミング版でもお聴きいただけるようになります。下記の紹介ビデオをご覧ください。現在日本で発売中の3枚のアルバム『Keep It To Yourself』『Necessary Evil』『New Vintage』のお求めは各アルバムタイトルのリンクまで。

“One of the most loved divas in the retro jazz genre” – Jazz Japan and Jazz Critique interview Laura Ainsworth

Laura has received a flurry of interviews and reviews in Japan with the release of Top Shelf in Japan. These include interviews with Jazz Critique and Jazz Japan, two of Japan’s top jazz magazines. Jazz Japan refers to Laura as “one of the most loved divas in the retro jazz genre,” and Jazz Critique compliments Laura’s retro style by telling her, “Thank you for being born in the ‘wrong’ era.” Read both articles for more insight on the Top Shelf album and also on Laura’s upcoming studio album You Asked For It. (In English and Japanese)

Jazz Critique Vol. 223 ENG [PDF] JP [PDF]
Jazz Japan Vol. 133 ENG [PDF] JP [PDF]

“レトロジャズ界を牽引する最注目の歌姫” – ローラ・エインズワースのインタビュー、『ジャズジャパン』『ジャズ批評』2021年9月発売・発売中の号に掲載


アルバム『Top Shelf』と次回作『You Asked For It』についても語っていますので、詳細は記事をご覧ください。

ジャズ批評 233号 日本語[PDF] 英語[PDF]
ジャズジャパン 133号 日本語[PDF] 英語[PDF]

Goa Chillout Zone Vol. 10 featuring Laura’s “The Man I Love Is Gone” charts in iTunes UK and France

On May 2021, “The Man I Love Is Gone,” the only self-written track that Laura has recorded to date, was featured as Track 2 on the compilation album Goa Chillout Zone Vol. 10 released by WOA International. The album promptly charted at #2 in the iTunes UK electronic charts and at #6 in iTunes France’s electronic charts. The album marks a return to the series, as Laura’s “Out of This World” was featured on Goa Chillout Zone Vol. 5 (2013) and the popularity of the track led to a tour of India and Dubai.

Goa Chillout Zone Vol. 10 is available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music .

Laura Ainsworth LP/CD sales move to Bandwear; new T-shirt designs launched (US)

With the advent of CD Baby shutting down their online CD store, Laura Ainsworth has moved direct sales of her physical albums to Bandwear. All three studio CD’s plus the 180 gram compilation LP Top Shelf are available direct at Laura’s Bandwear Store.

Laura also has two new T-shirt designs available at Bandwear. One features the Top Shelf LP, and the other features the Necessary Evil album. The T-shirts can be purchased by themselves for $30 USD + shipping, or bundled with the full Laura Ainsworth album discography for $75 + shipping, at the links below:

- Top Shelf T-shirt at Bandwear
- Top Shelf T-shirt + full discography bundle at Bandwear

- Necessary Evil T-shirt at Bandwear
- Necessary Evil T-shirt + full discography bundle at Bandwear

Laura Ainsworth in Japan, spring 2020: interviews and reviews, release of Keep It to Yourself

In late April, Laura’s three studio CD’s received detailed coverage in Jazz Critique and Jazz Japan. Jazz Critique Vol. 215 features a three-page interview; Jazz Japan Vol. 117 features a two-page interview, and reviews all three studio albums in their “Reviews” section.

Read the articles at the respective links:

Jazz Critique 3-page interview (ENG) PDF (JP) PDF
Jazz Japan 2-page interview (ENG) PDF (JP) PDF
Jazz Japan reviews of 3 studio albums (ENG) PDF (JP) PDF

Also, on April 29, 2020, distributor Ratspack Records released Keep It to Yourself, Laura’s debut CD, to Japanese stores. The release of Keep It to Yourself marks the first time all of Laura’s albums are available for purchase in Japan. The album can be purchased directly from Ratspack Records.

ローラ・エインズワース、2020年春の日本メディア情報:インタビュー、レビュー、「Keep It to Yourself」リリース



ジャズ批評 3ページインタビュー (JP) PDF (ENG) PDF
ジャズジャパン 2ページインタビュー (JP) PDF (ENG) PDF
ジャズジャパン 3枚のスタジオアルバムレビュー (JP) PDF (ENG) PDF

また、2020年4月29日ラッツパック・レコードより、ローラのデビューCD「Keep It to Yourself」の日本のレコード店での流通販売が始まります。本アルバムの販売開始によって、ローラの全アルバムが日本で購入できるようになります。本アルバムはラッツパック・レコード から直にお求めになれます。

Ratspack Records distributing Laura Ainsworth for Japan

Beginning in 2020, Ratspack Records will be the exclusive distributor of Laura Ainsworth’s albums in Japan. On March 25, they will simultaneously release to Japan the studio CD’s Necessary Evil (2013) and New Vintage (2017), along with the 180g compilation LP Top Shelf (2017). Laura’s debut studio CD Keep It to Yourself (2011) will follow, with a release date of April 22.

Click here for more information in Ratspack Records’ “News” section (in Japanese).


2020年初頭、ラッツパック・レコードがローラ・エインズワースのアルバムの独占的流通を日本国内で開始します。3月25日にスタジオアルバムCD「Necessary Evil」(2013年)、「New Vintage」(2017年)、180グラム重量アナログ盤コンピレーションLP「Top Shelf」(2017年)、4月22にローラのデビューアルバムCD「Keep It To Yourself」(2011年)が発売されます。


Top Shelf reviews from Japan

In 2019, Laura Ainsworth’s compilation LP Top Shelf was picked up for distribution by Japanese record chain Disk Union. Over the course of the year, the album was reviewed and featured in four major print magazines (Jazz Critique, Jazz Life, Jazz Japan, and The Walker’s), as well as in the online jazz journal PJ Portrait in Jazz. Jazz Critique and Jazz Life are distinguished for having the first and second highest circulations (respectively) of any jazz magazine in Japan. All of the magazines praise Laura’s sound with quotes like these:

Her singing voice, which is praised as "satin," reminds us of the singers from the 1930s–1940s.” (Jazz Critique)

Not only the retro artwork, but also her singing voice recalls the atmosphere of the good old times in the 1940s–1950s.” (The Walker’s)

Read the full reviews at the respective links:

Jazz Critique (EN JP)
Jazz Life (EN JP)
Jazz Japan (EN JP)
The Walker’s (EN JP) 
PJ Portrait in Jazz (EN)
PJ Portrait in Jazz (link to original Japanese article) 

“A Jazz Icon”: Japan interviews Laura

In addition to the above reviews, Laura conducted her first ever Japanese interviews. The interviews were published in the print magazine Jazz Japan, and in the online journal PJ Portrait in Jazz.

The Jazz Japan article refers to Laura as “A Jazz Icon,” (!) and was published alongside an interview with veteran guitar hero Char, who is Japan’s answer to Jeff Beck.

The PJ Portrait in Jazz interview is the more detailed of the two. It takes the reader on a tour of Laura’s discography, discusses her travels to India and work as an actress and songwriter, and reveals her upcoming plans within the Japanese market.

Read the full reviews at the respective links:

Jazz Japan (EN)
Jazz Japan (JP)
PJ Portrait in Jazz (EN)
PJ Portrait in Jazz (link to original Japanese article)

Laura Ainsworth featured at Tokyo's CAFE & BAR ALBERT

Laura Ainsworth’s Top Shelf LP and her latest studio CD New Vintage have received play in the Tokyo jazz café Café & Bar Albert. This particular jazz café specifically plays vocal jazz instead of instrumental jazz. Café & Bar Albert also hosts jazz concerts featuring acclaimed artists such as Pinky Winters.

Venue owner Ruriko Shiozawa stated that most of Café Albert's customers, upon hearing Laura’s music, thought that she was a Japanese singer. The graphic above shows the Top Shelf LP being featured at the Café & Bar Albert, alongside the music of Frank Sinatra and Dinah Shore.

“Where Did The Magic Go” Wins “Best Video” Honors

At the 2019 Artists Music Guild Heritage Awards hosted by Regina Belle, Laura Ainsworth hosted the pre-show, presented two awards, and followed her 2018 sweep for Best Album, Video and Female Vocalist by winning the 2019 AMG Award for Best Video for “Where Did The Magic Go” from New Vintage.

This song beautifully summarizes Laura’s “mission statement” of bringing the elegance, class and romance of the last century into today, where it’s sorely needed. The lyricist gave Laura permission to change it slightly. While Tony Bennett's original was a nostalgic look back by someone who lived through that fabulous era of entertainment, Laura’s is about a younger person who longs to revive it for modern audiences. The video includes clips and photos of many of her idols, including a special tribute to her big band genius dad, Billy Ainsworth, who formed her out-of-time musical tastes. How many of her icons can you recognize? Be sure to watch to the very end for a special surprise!

Laura Ainsworth’s National TV Debut

While in Tennessee, where she was a five-time nominee in the Josie Music Awards, Laura taped an appearance on “Huckabee” on TBN that’s now viewable online. She performed this classic tune from New Vintage with Tre Corley and the Music City Connection.

Top Shelf LP now on sale at Disk Union in Japan

We are proud to announce that Laura’s Top Shelf LP is now available at Disk Union, which is one of the largest record store chains in Japan. Top Shelf compiles the best of Laura’s three studio albums onto one 180-gram, 12” vinyl LP. Click on the video above for more information and for sample tracks from the album.



Laura won three AMG Awards: Video, Album and Female Vocalist of the Year!

On November 10, 2018, at a ceremony in Monroe, NC, hosted by Thelma Houston and taped for national broadcast, Laura Ainsworth was honored with three Artists Music Guild Heritage Awards out of five nominations.

She received the awards for Album of the Year (New Vintage), Video of the Year ("That's How I Got My Start") and Female Vocalist of the Year. AMG founder and multi-award-winning Christian music artist David L. Cook quipped that it was "the year of Laura Ainsworth!"

Laura wishes to express her deepest thanks to the AMG, a non-profit group dedicated to mentoring indie artists and supporting music education for kids. The AMG Heritage Awards are chosen by industry professionals from samples submitted by nominees, with results based solely on qualify of music, not fame, promo budget or major label affiliation, which makes the awards even more meaningful.


Presenting a new video in classic film noir style for this great early Frank Loesser scorcher, available on both New Vintage and the Top Shelf audiophile vinyl LP.


New Vintage is attracting plenty of media attention. Click here to listen to Laura’s interview with the top bachelor pad music show Buddies Lounge, click here for her in-depth interview on the Beyond The Playlist podcast, click here for her recent appearance on Neon Jazz, and click here for her interview with the avatar of cool, Koop Kooper, on the internationally syndicated Cocktail Nation, which named New Vintage as one of the “Best of the Best of 2017”.


Laura is featured in the December holiday/readers’ poll edition of Downbeat magazine, the Bible of jazz.

Also look for an interview/feature soon in the national magazine Cabaret Scenes, all about the songs of New Vintage.

Learn all about Laura and see some exclusive photos from the New Vintage cover shoot in this revealing and entertaining interview by blogger and celebrity photographer Alan Mercer. Click here.