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Laura Ainsworth
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Home of singer Laura Ainsworth...

critically-acclaimed debut CD, Keep It To Yourself,  and her latest album, Necessary Evil , both produced and arranged by keyboard icon Brian Piper and featuring some of the greatest jazz players in the Southwest...

Her upcoming third album, New Vintage, executive-produced by Grammy-winner Jack Kreisberg, founder of the legendary Half Note jazz label and manager of the Blue Note jazz club in NYC...

And Laura's live musical shows, as seen on Dallas Comcast Cable, Q TV's Jack E. Jett Show, the Arkansas Governor's Mansion and top clubs, theaters, and concert and corporate venues from Las Vegas to Dubai...

"Dazzling! Sublime! Magnificent Entertainment!"  -- BroadwayWorld.com

Artists Music Guild Heritage Awards nominee for Best Female Vocalist 2013-14-15 and Best Mainstream Artist 2014-15!

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Laura is currently recording her third album, "New Vintage," produced by Brian Piper and executive-produced by Grammy-winning jazz producer Jack Kreisberg, founder of Half Note Records and former manager of the Blue Note Jazz Club. 
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Her second indie album, "Necessary Evil," has also been picked up for international re-release in Spring 2016 by Jack Kreisberg's American Showplace Music label.  Look for a contemporary club/dance remix of the title track soon, from Grammy-winning producer Ricky Kej!

For the full story with photos, click here!

On Feb. 13, 2016, Laura performed at The Soiree, at the famous Whisky-A-Go-Go on Sunset Strip in Hollywood!  This is a star-studded Grammy Week showcase for both up-and-coming performers and nominees for the 58th Annual Grammy Awards! 

Lineup for The Soiree
                                            at the Whisky-A-Go-Go in
                                            West Hollywood, 2/13/2016.
                                            For tickets and info, visit

The new video for "Necessary Evil," shot in Goa, India, is here! 

Thank you to the Artist Music Guild Heritage Awards for naming Laura Ainsworth as a top five finalist for both Best Female Vocalist and Best Mainstream Artist of 2015 and a nominee in both categories for 2016 as well as best author!  Look for her in November at the AMG Convention and Awards in Charlotte, NC.  And look for the national TV special of the 2015 awards ceremony, where Laura performed on the same stage with Melba Moore, Martha Reeves, Melanie, Dee Dee Sharp and other music legends!


In addition to her music career, Laura is also a professional writer.  Her latest project is now available on Amazon!  She helped her friend, singer/songwriter and Navy veteran Bill Sanner, write a touching, informative and laugh-out-loud funny memoir of his time on a submarine during the Vietnam era.  If you know anyone who is a sub or Navy vet, or who is coping with a family member far away from home on a long military deployment, they are sure to love "The Sub-Par Adventures of Snakebite & Stonefinger."  A reviewer for the Stimson submariners group said, "I could not put it down," and called it a "MUST HAVE!" 
Read an excerpt and get copies here!

Laura at Birdland
                                              in NYC with Billy Stritch
                                              (piano) and Jim Spencer

While in NYC recently, Laura dropped by the world-famous Birdland jazz club (right), to clown around with hilarious host Jim Caruso and sing "Just Give Me A Man" with pianist Billy Stritch at their weekly "Cast Party."  In the audience, two legendary divas: Nona Hendryx of LaBelle and cabaret icon, Marilyn Maye!

Laura At Fiesta In
                                                Goa, India

Laura recently completed a tour of India and Dubai as part of the
WOA Records India Tour and WOA International Music Festival Goa and Dubai

Also, the title track of Laura's CD Necessary Evil is now available on the best-selling WOA compilation series disc, Independent #1's (Vol. 4)!  


"A magnificent interpreter of song...Laura Ainsworth has not only met the incredible standard set by her debut recording, but surpassed it ..." - Eric Harabadian, Jazz Inside magazine

Necessary Evil front cover

To purchase Necessary Evil from CDBaby.com, as a CD or MP3 download, click on the CD cover or HERE!

To download from iTunes, CLICK HERE!     https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/necessary-evil/id652853666


To buy the MP3 version from Amazon, CLICK HERE!

Laura's second album features a dozen terrific songs from the 1920s to right now, on the theme of love as a "necessary evil," in all its forms -- from the longing of "My Foolish Heart" to the self-delusion of "The Lies of Handsome Men;" from the exotic fantasy of "Out of This World" to the hilarious honesty of "Just Give Me A Man."  In the end, we learn that the only place where love is always pure, true and eternal is in the great old songs on the jukebox ("I'd Give a Dollar for a Dime").

Produced and arranged by Brian Piper and featuring some of the greatest jazz musicians in North Texas, including an all-star 13-piece horn section on the title track and the brand new big band "instant classic," "Last Train to Mercerville!"  Available through CDBaby.com, iTunes, Amazon and most major download sites, and orderable through any brick-and-mortar record store.

From the Liner Notes of "Necessary Evil"...

I was staking out this gin joint from a dark booth in the far corner.  Aside from the overpriced hooch, the big attraction was the music.  Every night, great jazz cats drifted in to blow behind a redheaded chanteuse like no other I’d ever seen, and I’m a man who’s acquainted with his share of band singers.  On the surface, this tootsie looked like a roller coaster girl: plenty of curves and lots of fun, but grown men would be crying before the ride was over.  Then she started singing, and you could tell there was more to her than just a feast for hungry eyeballs. 

She could hold a note longer than my ex could hold a grudge, and caress it in ways that were illegal in 17 states.  One minute, she’d sound as pure and innocent as a church choir on Sunday morning; the next, as full of sin as a church deacon on Saturday night.  She fancied love songs, but not the moonstruck, fairytale kind.  The kind about love lost, love gone wrong and love letters returned unopened, postage due.  People crazy in love or just lust, desperate enough to do anything from bobbing their noses to pressing them against a bedroom window at midnight. She sang of buying love, scheming for it, fooling yourself into thinking you had it.  Love as an exotic fantasy, a bargain, a necessary evil.  It was only near closing time, when the band packed it in and the old records began to spin on the jukebox, that you could start to believe again in old-fashioned, tender romance.  At least, for three minutes at a stretch... 

Click here to view the One-Sheet, with album info and contacts for radio, press and interviews. 

Click here to read Laura's thoughts on each song on "Necessary Evil!"

Scroll down for YouTube videos of tracks from the CD! 

RADIO STATIONS:  To request a CD or sound files and press materials, email webmaster@lauraainsworth.com and put RADIO: (Your Call Letters)" in the Subject line.  For CD requests, include name and mailing address.

“FOUR AND A HALF STARS!...A smart and brilliant contribution to the world jazz scene...” – Oscar Montagut, TheWorldMusicReport.com

"It is reminiscent of those classic Verve, Capitol or Columbia albums of the 1950’s, but equally it is so vintage 2013 you just need to grab a copy and listen." -- Richard Irvine, morning show host, RNA Radio/87.7FM, Scotland

For more reviews, click here!



“Gifted with a sultry, swoon-inducing croon, Ainsworth can sing any words and command attention…The whole album is among the year's most consistently engaging jazz releases, performed with class and heartfelt passion.” –

Click here to
                          sample and buy your copy of Laura Ainsworth's
                          "Keep It To Yourself." from

To buy
Laura Ainsworth's critically-acclaimed debut, "Keep It To Yourself," as a CD or download from CDBaby, click here  or on the photo to the right!  


Also available in Dallas at Bill's and Good Records and orderable through any music retailer! 

Produced, arranged and featuring keyboards by 2011 Dallas Jazz Musician of the Year Brian Piper, and guest-starring some of the top jazz musicians in the Southwest!  The debut of Laura Ainsworth shows off both her gorgeous, three-octave voice and her outstanding versatility -- from the contemporary title track to obscure gems from the '20s to '50s, to brilliant new takes on the standards, including her steamy concert showstopper "Love For Sale" and a haunting rendition of "Skylark," recorded live in a single take with guitarist Chris DeroseA fan on Jango Radio online summed it up in one word:  "WOW!

For details on each song on the CD, click here!

For a one-sheet with info and bio, click here!

Songs & Videos


Laura recorded a cool new take on the Irving Berlin classic, "You'd Be Surprised," with pianist Brian Piper and bassist John Adams!  It's not available on any album, but fans can receive a FREE MP3 NOW! 

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To hear full-length streaming versions of sample songs, including "Skylark," "Love For Sale" and "Fantastic Planet of Love," click here for Jango Radio Online/RadioAirplay!

Sampler of all tracks from "Necessary Evil!"

Click Each Title From "Necessary Evil" To View Videos On YouTube

Necessary Evil       Last Train To Mercerville    Out Of This World

The Lies Of Handsome Men      Just Give Me A Man  

"My Foolish Heart"
(Live version of a song that appears in a full band/studio version on "Necessary Evil")

From "Keep It To Yourself"

"Keep It To Yourself"


And now for something completely different: Laura sings "Feed The Birds" from "Mary Poppins" at a Christmas concert by the great folk singer/songwriter, Lu Mitchell

To see/hear more, click here...

Laura headlining at Django on the Parkway


email list is to alert you to upcoming shows and record releases and share free material from Laura.  Your contact info will never be sold or shared with anyone else for any reason! Just drop us a line to join, and you'll receive a FREE MP3 of the Irving Berlin classic, "You'd Be Surprised!"  ("The best voice for singing Irving Berlin that I've ever heard, at least in this century!" - Jim Compton-Schmidt, Jazz Building Blocks, KFSR-FM, Fresno

E-mail:  webmaster@lauraainsworth.com

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Laura Ainsworth


Contact Pat Reeder at 972-263-3381 or email  webmaster@lauraainsworth.com.  

To download our latest press release with printable photos, click here!

BOOKING: For Dallas-area booking inquiries, email webmaster@lauraainsworth.com, or call Pat Reeder at 972-263-3381.  

Outside of Dallas, contact John Dewhurst at Jaydee Sounds Music Management at 570-216-6943 or email jaydeesounds@aol.com  




Laura Ainsworth in genuine '50s country club party
                dressNEWS & SHOWS! 

Thursday, July 14th, Laura was the special guest vocalist with the Alex Rivera Jazz Quartet at the Wine Therapist in the Lakewood neighborhood of Dallas.  Click here for the Facebook Event Page!

For the latest news on Laura's upcoming third album, "New Vintage," click here!

Laura appeared alongside many of this year's Grammy nominees at The Soiree, the famous music industry showcase Feb. 13, 2016, at the Whisky A-Go-Go in West Hollywood! 

Laura was the guest on OPM Live Blog Talk Radio.  Listen to it on demand here!

Laura is currently hard at work on her third album, "New Vintage," produced by Brian Piper and executive-produced by Grammy-winning jazz producer, Jack Kreisberg!

Laura was interviewed and sang three songs on the wild and wacky Madhouse TV cable/web show, "Legends TV," hosted by Evan Ginzberg.  You can see the entire episode online here!

While in NYC, Laura also sang a number at Jim Caruso's "Cast Party" at the famous Birdland jazz club!

The video for "Necessary Evil" shot in Goa, India, and directed by international pop star Oliver Sean is now on YouTube!  Click here to see and share it! 

Laura was a guest on Al Fink's music talk show on Feb. 24.  To listen or download it, click here!

Laura appeared Thurs. Feb. 26 on UMSL Radio, the University of Missouri-St. Louis campus station, on the 5-7 pm show!

Laura's first tour of India and Dubai as part of WOA Entertainment's international indie artists showcase wrapped up on Feb. 13th in Dubai!

Laura was a 2014 AMG Awards nominee for Best Female Vocalist and Best Mainstream Artist!  She performed "Last Train to Mercerville" for a nationally-televised AMG Awards TV special, alongside Billy Gilman, Gloria Gaynor, Chubby Checker, Shirley Caesar and other great stars!  (Photos below: Presenting with Best New Artist winner Jesse Reece, and (right) at the after-party with host Billy Gilman and producer David L. Cook).

Laura presenting at the AMG Heritage
        Awards with Best New Artist winner Jesse Reece (left), and Laura
        at the afterparty with host Billy Gilman and Emmy-winning
        producer/singer/songwriter, David L. Cook

Laura's interview with Neon Jazz is now posted on YouTube!  Click on the link to hear it!

Laura was the very first spotlight new artist featured on the new Buddies Lounge Hi-Fi Hour show!

Laura was interviewed by WOA Radio, heard throughout India, about her track "Out of This World" that's featured on the "Goa Chillout Zone Vol. III" jazz compilation CD. 

Laura was in Charlotte, NC, where she was a nominee for Best Female Vocalist of 2013 at the Artists Music Guild Awards. 

Laura was a guest on the Aug. 14 episode of Mike Huckabee's national radio show!

Laura was interviewed on Koop Kooper's great "Cocktail Nation" show #277! 
To hear it, click here!  You can also hear Laura played regularly on the show!

Laura was interviewed by Joe Dimino on "Neon Jazz!"  To listen, click here!

Laura's version of "Out of This World" is featured on the latest WOA FM99 radio show!  Click here!  

Thanks to all the CMJ-reporting radio stations that have put "Necessary Evil" into the top 200 Jazz Week airplay charts, and climbing!  A special shout-out to
CSCR/Toronto Jazz for ranking it #6 two weeks in a row and to KFAI-Minneapolis (#4)!

"Necessary Evil" is now getting worldwide raves and radio play, and is available for purchase as a CD or download at CDBaby.com!

Laura performed at a CD release party at Stoney's Wine Lounge on June 28th with Brian Piper, John Adams and Mike Drake!  Click here for details!

Album #2, "Necessary Evil," featuring a full big band with some of the greatest jazz horn players in Texas, is set for release in mid-June!  Get on the email list or join Laura on Facebook or Twitter to be notified when it's available!

"Keep It To Yourself" received a lead, rave review in the January "Vocalists" issue of Jazz Inside magazine.  Click here to read it.

Laura is a featured artist at AllAboutJazz.com.  To download a free MP3 of "Love For Sale," click here!

Tied with Stanley Clarke and Lee Ritenour on JazzWeek's Top Radio Airplay Chart!

 Laura's debut album, "Keep It To Yourself," is now available at CDBaby.com! and iTunes!

Featured CD on PRX's "Blues & Beyond!"  Click here to listen to the entire show!

"Keep It To Yourself" was the New Artist album of the week on BluesJazzRadio.com!


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Black & White '30s glamor photo by Mark Oristano

"Keep It To Yourself" and "Necessary Evil" cover photos and email list section by Shoshana Portnoy

Media Contact section photo by Todd Szalkowski, TGS Photography

Django photos by Larry Groebe except where noted.  Other photos by Pat Reeder.

All material copyright © by Laura Ainsworth 

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